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How SPLAT helps

Positive Behavior Recognition

School-wide positive behavior support improves the schools overall academic outcomes because it creates a climate conducive to learning.

  • Learners exhibiting extraordinary behaviors such as acts of kindness, bravery or helping others, which show good character, are rewarded with points.

Attendance Tracking and Monitoring

SPLAT tracks learners’ school participation and progress.

  • Teacher records class attendance on mobile app using visual classroom
  • Parents get notified of their child’s attendance record
  • Attendance reports generated on demand at any level of DepEd
  • Attendance data is transferred to SPLAT server when device is synchronized
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Negative Behavior Referrals and Reporting

While promoting positive behavior, we also believe in constructively dealing with negative behavior.

  • Documentation of negative behavior
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting at school, district, region and national levels

Classroom Participation and Homework

  • Teachers can manage seatworks, activities, group assignments and homework
  • The weighted averages are automatically computed and summarized
  • Teachers can record scores for individual learner or groups using gadgets
  • Teachers have option to publish homework and assignments to SPLAT so parents can see learner tasks
learners interacting with their teacher while using tablet

Why choose SPLAT?

Learner Data Privacy and Protection

  • Application is compliant with Republic Act No. 10173
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is encrypted in all data stores: cloud, school servers and gadgets
  • All data “in motion” is encrypted
  • Our screens and reports show Learner PII data to only those directly involved
  • SPLAT has a “positive” security model. Data is restricted to only those with a “need to know” on a tiered basis
  • Secondary personnel see limited Learner data and only when explicitly allowed by school management
  • Gadgets require PIN number in addition to log-in
  • Gadget data self destructs

Works in School with poor Internet Connectivity

SPLAT uses very, very little internet

  • Our test show we use about 200kb of upload data per week per teacher

No DepEd or Family Expenditure

SPLAT is completely free. No charge to DepEd. No charge to students. No charge to parents, but they will see advertising.

  • Teachers use their own Android or iOS mobile devices
  • Mobile devices support most features of the application
  • School data synchronized to cloud for district, regional and national reporting

How SPLAT works

SPLAT helps teachers in keeping the learners engaged and participating in the discussions and activities while promoting positive behavior.


SPLAT is driven by data from Clever which speeds up the setup process and keeps your classes and students in sync with your SIS.

With Clever integration there is no data entry for students, classes and personnel. After the first automated setup, you will only need to create your bell schedule, recognitions and stores.

mobile phones displaying SPLAT's software functionalities

Device Support

Carry SPLAT and all of its functionalities along with you wherever you go, by installing it on your Android device. You can also run it via any web browser on your PC or Mac.


SPLAT’s integration with Clever is 100% encrypted and your district and school PII data is encrypted while in motion and at rest. Our databases are separate for each district so we can comply with your data retention and deletion policies. Districts have ability to make a local backup or extract of the data at any time and can anonymize at year-end or when leaving our service.

The software is in compliance with international standards for data security.

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