School On Boarding

Dear School Head and ICT,

     Important Note for School Head: If you added information for your school’s ICT during the MOA download process, then almost all of the following steps can be completed by the ICT. If you didn’t supply your ICT’s info, after logging in (step number 1) you can add them by skipping to step number 4 to 6 and manually entering their information so that they can assist you

Steps to set up your school

  1. Sign into Gmail using your DepEd credentials. On the same browser, visit and click on the Login button on the top right
  2. Select the Admin menu choice on the top-level menu
  3. Check your school’s address information on the Admin / School / Info tab. If you make any changes, click Save before moving on.
  4. Add your personnel to SPLAT. Admin / Personnel / Personnel menu choices, then click Add on the blue search bar and click the Import from SPLAT7 button. Full instructions at Note that the phone number supplied for a teacher / adviser must active in the phone they use for SPLAT as a security measure. If their SIM doesn’t match the SPLAT data, they won’t be allowed to sign in on their gadgets.
  5. Once your personnel have been imported, the School Head must approve each advisor so that they can view Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) of learners. This is a compliance step for RA10173, the Data Privacy Act. Navigate to Admin / Personnel / SPI Approval and click the approve button for each adviser. Clicking the “Unapproved” filter choice on the left will make subsequent visits easier.
  6. If you wish to have additional SPLAT administrators, you can designate any school employee on the Admin / School / Admins page.
  7. We recommend that you have your advisers add their sections at this point.
  8. While creating their sections, each adviser can also add their learners using the SPLAT1 or SF-1 spreadsheets. This process is described on the page. The ICT can also import the SPLAT1 or SF-1 for the whole school which will create any sections that don’t exist. In this case, the adviser will self-associate after the section is auto-created.
  9. As soon as a section is created and the learners are imported, the adviser can print the “learners code” by clicking generate code. These will be use as a credential for the learners on their SPLAT Family login. These should be distributed to the learners so they can configure their gadgets.