School Onboarding

Welcome to the SPLAT-PH Sign Up System!


We are excited that you are considering deploying RightSize’s SPLAT at your school. There are a few important items to note:


  • This system generates a MOA for your school. It does not obligate you to accept the MOA or use the software.
  • Only a school head may use this system. To avoid the need for notarization, we require that the person signing-in to create, execute and submit this agreement is a School Head. If you are a DepEd School Head, you must sign-in using your DepEd Gmail account. If you are the School Head of a private school, you must sign in with the school’s official email account. We will verify the email account information during our compliance check.
  • The Free Offer includes SPLAT SIS, SPLAT Courses, SPLAT Access, and use of RightSize servers for hosting. The offer includes the use of our software on browsers, iPhones and Android phones, and laptops provided by others for the use of SPLAT Access. The free offer does not include any hardware, computers, laptops, cell phones, network or internet costs except as noted above. Our offer does not include any texting support unless we are allowed to charge a school’s Globe account for actual usage. RightSize exclusively retains all source code, business processes and logic, screen design, copyrights, trademarks, etc. to and for our proprietary intellectual property.
  • After signing-in and completing some information, our system will send you an email with two links and other useful information. You will need to click the first link to download your MOA. If you want to proceed, print, initial the pages and sign. Scan the entire document and your school or DepEd issued photo id and upload to the second link.
  • After receipt and successful compliance review of these documents, we will build your school’s database. This takes about a day and then you’re ready to begin the setup process which takes as little as a few hours but can take a few days.


This first process should take you about 5 minutes to complete once you are signed-in. The email is sent immediately once you complete the data entry. Please watch your spam folder.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our support team at


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Welcome to School Onboarding process. Please answer the few questions: