We welcome your school to SPLAT!

This page describes the process of setting up your school’s personnel.

There are two main steps:

  • Import a spreadsheet containing personnel data. This is the SPLAT7 and is very similar to the SF-7. This may be completed by the school head or ICT.
  • Approve advisor access to Sensitive Personal Information for your learners. This is an annual requirement of RA 10173, the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Importing Personnel

  1. Sign into SPLAT at and click the yellow “Login” button on the top right. It is much easier if you have already opened your DepEd Gmail account on the same browser. Click the appropriate Google account to start.Splat 7
  2. Go to the Admin or Data menu, then to Personnel
  3. Click the blue ADD choice above the search bar
  4. Click the Import from SPLAT 7 button Splat 7
  5. Download the SPLAT7 Template. This will be saved in your “Downloads” folder.Splat 7
  6. Add your personnel to the file. The spreadsheet contains macros which will pre-check many of the values and will save you time later. If your school is returning to SPLAT, you only need to add new staff.Splat 7
  7. Click the grey Choose File button and locate the spreadsheet you updated. The system will read the spreadsheet, list the personnel and highlight any personnel with data issues.Splat 7
  8. Click on each personnel which is red
  9. Correct the problems. It may be easier to fix these problems in the spreadsheet, If so, update the spreadsheet and remember to re-save. Click the Choose File button again to refresh the panel.Splat 7
  10. Once all errors are corrected (all names are blue), click the Upload button to save your work to the school’s database.Splat 7